06 February 2009


Well, I've been looking forward to finally getting to post these pics of my friend's adorable Noel, who my Eli calls 'baby Noel' ;-) Here's a sneak peek from our session a few weeks ago. I asked his mom if I could take some photos of him at their home because they have such great natural light...and Noely has the cutest room because his momma has the best decorating tastes!! ;-) Thanks, Rachel. Your slideshow of all your images is coming...soon...I promise! But in the meantime, I hope you enjoy these...

my fave of the day

"n" is for noel

sweetly reading his books ;-)

probably my second fave of the day

a storyboard...i thought these images had to be put together!


Unknown said...

I love them. LOVE them. I think these are the only photos I've ever seen that capture how I 'feel' about Noely, if that makes any sense. Thank you!!!

Christina said...

What a cute kiddo! I love the giant "N." You cpatured him perfectly...I can feel his sweet nature.

Natalie Franke said...

These are too adorable! Oh my goodness! =)