17 September 2008

{beach session sneak peek-- maryland child photographer}

I am quickly becoming the world's worst blogger. Well, maybe not that bad, but close. Here's a peek at one of my beach sessions. Just had to post a pic so I would stop feeling guilty. More to come from both beach sessions before the week is up...I promise!! And, hey, Marylanders, how 'bout this fabulous weather, huh?



~Free said...

Did you notice how I have put zero pressure on you, my dear friend who is a crazy busy traveler, mom to a toddler, and also dealing with a cold?

This is soo cool. NOW I am axious.

Sandra Novack said...

How pretty is that MOTHER? (I know the baby is pretty, too--but they all are!)

I am with the women.

All love to all wonderful mothers.