05 September 2008

{glug baby, glug}

I am always on the lookout for casual, stylish clothes to recommend for photo sessions. I was reading a parenting mag earlier tonight and ran across a kids' clothing company called Glug Baby. I am especially in love with their boys' tees because I am the mom of a boy, and all you moms of boys out there will agree, I'm sure, that it is tough to find cute clothes for boys. There is always a TON for girls, but never for the little guys ;-( Why is that? Well, my husband could probably answer that, as he always remarks everytime we shop that his needs are simple, and typically consist of brown and blue and then more of both of the aforementioned. Perhaps with some khaki thrown in there. Anywho, take a look. There's girl stuff, too ;-) I am smitten with the bug tee and may just have to order it for Eli!

I will be back next week with lots of updates from recent sessions, two of which were in Ocean City. Beach =fun ;-) ;-)

Happy weekend, everyone.

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Sara Moon said...

more cute clothes i must have...