07 October 2008

{oh my gosh...}

...has it really been almost a month since I last updated to say that I would be updating soon? Yes, it has. I officially bestow upon myself the "baddest blogger award," and I don't mean 'baddest' as in gnarly or hip or cool. I mean...BAD. Awful! Neglectful! Sheesh.

Well, I've got a new banner up, at least! The family featured is from one of my September Ocean City sessions, and one day I will post some highlights, especially of their two surfer boys, who were themselves gnarly, hip, cool...all of the above ;-)

But I'm going to cut myself a bit of slack here. I HAVE been sick for about three weeks now with the peskiest cough and cold on the face of the planet. And my child is also just getting over a drawn-out sickness of the same sort, and well, my husband had it too and is now contending with an injured shoulder, which landed us in urgent care this weekend -- on our 6th wedding anniversary. Sooooooo, do you feel sorry for me yet? ;-)

Anyhow, I am still a photographer for hire and would LOVE to work for you, so contact me if you're interested in photos for the holiday season. Time to start thinking about those holiday cards!!!

Also, high school seniors, I want to photograph you!! Call me ;-)

Well, that's all for now. Be back with more photos at some point, hopefully soon...


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Christina said...

Okay, okay - we'll forgive you. Sounds like you have a decent enough excuse. :o) Love the banner image - the hazy background is awesome!