04 November 2008

{i voted...}

...and i got my free Starbuck's ;-)

Got up before 7, which, ahem, is early for me, to make it to my polling place while Shaun stayed with the kiddo, and then he went on his way to work.

The gentleman behind me in line to vote asked, "Is this your first election to vote?"


He said I looked young.

Who says voting isn't fun?


Anonymous said...

ha! A compliment and a free starbucks. The best!

Great photo.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! My husband and I got our free Starbucks too!

Anonymous said...

Woohoo! Free stuff and a chance to make history. This is the BEST DAY EVER!!!


Elizabeth Harper said...

No Starbucks for me...I'm in a tiny Village in England and had to vote by absentee ballot, but I VOTED!

I think I'll go make a fresh pot myself.

Sara Moon said...

You do look young, my lady. Seeing the Starbucks red cup makes my heart go pitter patter...and yay for voting!!!