19 October 2008

{pumpkin overload!}

Saturday we finally made it to the Councell Farms pumpkin patch out on Rt. 50 -- Eli has been watching the Charlie Brown Halloween DVD for the past several weeks now and asking to go to the pumpkin patch. And we kept putting him off, until this weekend. It was quite cold out, but it didn't stop him from exploring the entire place, from front to back, side to side. He had such a ball, as we (I) froze. Here are some of my fave highlights:

i loved this pumpkin!

contemplations on a pumpkin

i just loved this view from the corn maze

he loved the HUGE tractor that he could climb in...here he is waiting (somewhat patiently) for his turn ;-)

my fave detail of the day...have i mentioned i love the fall?;-)


Christina said...

What an awesome time! I can't wait until the cool weather hits here, and it truly feels like fall. Love that shot through the corn maze.

P.S. A few of the photos aren't showing up??

Cakes on a Plane said...

Amazing shots at the pumpkin patch, Jen. I love the one by the tractor, and the one peeping though the corn. You are amazing, as always.

Armin DeFiesta said...

Love the one of Eli in the 6th image!