30 October 2008

{a funky little gem}

Happy Thursday to all. Just a quickie post before I return to my holiday cookie-baking for Eli's preschool class tomorrow (why again did I agree to make homemade pumpkin cookies?). Been wantin' to blog about this little place called Clementine where Shaun and I dined for our anniversary back at the beginning of this month. It's a funky little place with loads of charm and hipness and GREAT food. And when we went, they did not yet have a liquor license, so you could bring your own bottle of wine for a small corkage fee. How cool is that?? Anyway, thanks again to Jean and Jason for the rec and the babysitting ;-) If you find yourself near Harford Road in Baltimore, it's definitely worth a try. Heck, it's worth making a trip out to B-more just to check out this place. Wonderfulness!! I mean it.


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~Free said...

We're so glad you liked Clementine!! Next time you come, perhaps the "lounge" will be finished.