06 August 2008

{the case of the mysterious marbles}

So, we have these blue marbles everywhere (i mean, EVERYWHERE) in our yard. I am not sure of their origin, but we just keep finding them everytime we dig in a flower bed, or find a slightly overgrown patch of grass. Does anyone know what they could be? I'm sure it's something very very simple, that would make me say, "duh," if I knew.

Anyway, Eli loves them, and I wanted to get a shot of him holding one, and I just lucked out getting this one of him holding it right in the place of his eye. Cool, huh? I thought so ;-)

Yay for the mysterious blue marbles. Lol.



Anonymous said...

I don't know what those are. But I put them in my girls playground, around the yard. And they find them, pile them up. Sometimes they put them back or I redistribute them. They get soooo much joy from them.

Yay for blue marbles.

(Awesome work here, btw. It's been awhile since I've visited.)

Christina said...

That shot is simply too awesome. Sweet serendipity. the marbles do sound odd...but a nice kind of odd, as far as mysteries go!

tracey clark said...

oh wow. how mysterious and fun! this is such of lovely shot!