10 June 2008


Last week I attended my much-anticipated OneLight workshop in Norfolk, VA. I met some great photographers and definitely learned a few tricks that I think will up my game. Here are some shots that I came away with. And I should say that all the shots were set up by Zack Arias, the creative mind behind this workshop, so I have to give him most of the credit. But, I did compose and click my shutter, so I guess I can take some credit, right? ;-)


The lovely Kussy in my absolute favorite shot from the workshop ;-)


Here's Kera...a little desperate housewives for ya ;-)


Kussy again, looking all diva-like!


And again...very ethereal. Love it!


And here is the famously talented and incredibly humble Zack. Thanks to Zack and everyone for an awesome workshop. I learned so much.


Christina said...

Awesome, Jen. So, so awesome. You're making me think I should look up when he'll be in this area....

Sara Moon said...

Wow!!!!!!! Those are great shots!! I so wish I could go to a workshop!

Awesome, Jen!

Debbi said...

OMG Jen! These are amazing! Truly amazing! I wish I could have gone as well - so jealous!

Armin de Fiesta said...

Sweet shots, it's a great workshop! Oh and I found you through our mutual Friend Erin Rexroth, aka ErinJPhoto :)