31 March 2008


Welcome to my new photography home: http://www.jennifer-hunter.com/

Come on over and hang out for a while ;-)

I'm currently booking sessions for May, so drop me a line if you're interested.




Cakes on a Plane said...

Oh, Jen! It's awesome! Congratulations on this next big step. I'm gonna be sharing this with everyone!

tracey clark said...

I'm so proud of you girl! The site highlights your work so beautifully. I'm thrilled for you. Look out world!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love your website!! If I'm gonna get all "what I want to be when i get big" on you, my dream is to be a photographer full time.. to have a buissness up and running like yours. I'm no studio photographer either so there for your pics strike me even more.. love your work!